When you’re ready to prepare your car for spring, let Jake Sweeney FIAT be the FIAT dealership you turn to. Our qualified technicians will give your vehicle the care and maintenance it needs to drive safely and smoothly all season long, whether you’ve been keeping it in the garage or relying on it this winter. We make it easy and convenient to get checks, tests, and repairs.

When it comes to springtime car preparation, a few simple steps go a long way. You’ll want to start by looking through your vehicle manual for any scheduled or recommended services. Winter can be rough on tires and wheels, so have one our of technicians perform an alignment check and a tire tread check, to make sure your vehicle is in alignment and that none of the tires are wearing down more quickly than others. This can save your time and money down the line and help to keep you safe on the road today. Don’t forget about the spare tire!

You’ll also want to make sure that your FIAT cars are in the best shape possible by having inspections performed on the battery, hoses, and belts, which can all be prone to damage and wear, especially during the colder months. Brakes should be tested for signs of wear, fluid levels filled up and the A/C prepared for when warmer weather arrives.

Our service team at Jake Sweeney FIAT is here for you. Visit us at 5969 Centennial Circle in Florence to get Mopar performance parts and accessories, shuttle service and rental vehicles, and work performed by qualified technicians. We look forward to welcoming spring in style and safety with you and your FIAT vehicles.