Whether you own a car, lease a car, or drive the car of a family member, it’s a smart move to learn what the dashboard lights mean. Our expert technicians can explain the dashboard warning lights of the FIAT 500 from Jake Sweeney FIAT in Florence, KY.

Battery Charge Light

If a light activates that features the battery picture, you will want to contact our FIAT service center immediately. This is an indication that the charge on the battery is low or there is an issue with the alternator. The battery could die or you could experience issues with starting the vehicle.

Brake Light

If the brake light activates, which will feature the actual word in the light, it either means the parking brake is set on your FIAT 500 or there is not enough brake fluid in the reservoir. The other possible light that could come on in some models is an exclamation point. If the parking brake is not activated, there could be a serious issue with the brakes. You should contact FIAT service immediately.

ABS Failure

ABS, which is short for anti-lock brake system, is separate from the brakes. If this light activates while driving it could indicate a failure within the system. Your normal brakes will continue to work properly but you should still take your FIAT 500 to our studio for maintenance.

Engine Overheating

Engines can overheat anytime. Engine overheating is not solely caused by the temperature. Engines typically overheat due to a lack of coolant. If the thermostat light activates while driving you should pull off the road when it is safe and end your journey. Call for assistance and bring your FIAT to our service center.

Call the service center at Jake Sweeney FIAT to schedule an appointment should any of these warning lights activate while driving. The center can be reached at 888-643-9088.