At our Florence dealership, FIAT cars are our passion and the purpose of our work, but we know that buckling in is only the beginning. Driving a FIAT is simply a way of life for our customers, and we want every driver on the road to get a taste.

Recently, supporting the FIAT brand got a little sweeter. That’s because the brand earned seven esteemed “Lion” awards during the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The festival is the largest celebration of creative communications in the world.

The FIAT brand earned a Silver “Lion” award in America in the “Outdoor/Transit” category in recognition of its FIATski (watercraft) campaign. The “FIATski” activation was part of the brand’s 2012 “Immigrants/Sexy People (The FIAT Song)” advertising campaign announcing the brand’s entry to the American market with the FIAT 500, which dove into the Italian sea only to rise to the surface on U.S. shores. The brand drove home the message by turning the Fiat 500, FIAT 500 Abarth and FIAT 500L into watercraft that traveled across the United States last summer, making unforgettable appearances in Miami, Chicago, Huntington Beach and San Francisco.

The brand went on to earn six additional Lion awards, spanning the “Innovation” and “TV & CINEMA FILM” categories in the Brazilian and Italian festivals.

No matter the market or the language, the product or the audience, the word “FIAT” means one thing everywhere: adventurous and creative fun! Contact our FIAT dealership to start talking about your future FIAT voyages!