For the finest FIAT cars, type in “FIAT dealer near me” on your phone or computer and visit Jake Sweeney FIAT. And if you’re interested in leasing your next FIAT car, we’ll find you the perfect lease deal.

If you’ve never leased a spacious FIAT 500X or a high-energy FIAT 500 Abarth, it could be a great path for you to consider. There are some terrific upsides to leasing a vehicle, but there are also some downsides. Let’s look at both and see where you fall on the “lease spectrum”.

“Full ownership” vs. “partial ownership” is the main difference between buying a car and leasing one. When you buy a car, you put yourself on a path to full ownership. Once you’ve paid the vehicle off, you can drive without a car payment, retain the vehicle’s equity, and sell the car whenever you want. Leasing is different: when you lease a car, you only “own” it for as long as the lease terms dictate. Most lease terms are three years, after which you’ll return your leased FIAT 500C or FIAT 124 Spider to our local FIAT dealership.

Some people want to own the same car for several years, pay it off, and drive payment-free. Others are excited by the opportunity to lease a different car every few years – and at the end of the lease term, drop the car off and lease another one, as opposed to going through the process of selling the car or trading it in.

If you’d like to lease a FIAT 500L near Lexington, KY, you’ll appreciate the lower down payment and lower monthly payments that come with a lease. However, make sure you don’t plan on driving more than 10,000 – 12,000 miles/year, because lease agreements come with mileage caps.

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