When you come down to Jake Sweeney FIAT, you can expect a wide inventory of new and pre-owned FIAT cars for all your lifestyle needs. But we’re not just focused on finding you the right car—we want to help you keep it running smoothly and safely for years to come—no matter what the road ahead might look like.

That’s why Jake Sweeney FIAT and Consumer Reports are here to offer the best methods for winterizing your car properly, so you can rely on it all winter long. It’s vital to keep your battery in good shape—batteries can lose capacity up to 50 percent in low temperatures, so speak with your technician about your battery’s health. Visibility is key—get your windshield wipers checked or replaced if necessary and make sure your wiper fluid reservoir is filled with cold weather fluid. Tire pressure, hose and belt health, and fluid levels should all be addressed before the cold weather really hits.

You’ll also want to make some lifestyle adjustments to keep you and your car safe. Even in new cars, giving the vehicle time to warm up is important for warming and thinning the oil. Inexpensive floor mats can help to keep the interior of your car clean from snow and salt grime and do your best to wipe buildup off your paint. This will help protect your car’s finish and keep it looking clean for years to come. Don’t forget to boost your car’s emergency kit with blankets, food, flashlights, a first aid kit and shovel.

To speak with certified technicians about the best way to ready your car for the chilly season, come on down to Jake Sweeney FIAT, the FIAT dealership you can count on for expert service and maintenance every time. Don’t wait to winterize your car—visit us at 5969 Centennial Circle in Florence today!