As a FIAT dealership serving Cincinnati, OH, we understand how challenging it can be to drive in winter conditions. Freezing temperatures can have an impact on your battery, which can then impact your FIAT vehicle’s overall performance. In that spirit, our FIAT service center has some great recommendations for caring for your vehicle’s battery.

After getting you through the heat and high temperatures of summer, your car battery has a much higher risk of failing in the winter. Even when your vehicle is sitting idle, your battery discharges power and risks being drained. However, there are a few precautions you can take during the winter months:

  • Get your FIAT vehicle’s battery tested when temperatures get cooler. You can schedule an appointment at our service center and our technicians will check out your battery for you. They will even teach you how to monitor your battery’s performance to avoid further problems.
  • If you see a white-colored powder around the terminals, head to our FIAT service center to have that corrosion cleaned off, ensuring that your battery will work throughout the winter months.
  • When temperatures are freezing, be sure to wait before turning on the heat or radio until after you start your car. Do not leave the heat and radio on while idling as this can use power from your FIAT vehicle’s alternator and prevent your car from charging.
  • If your battery needs replacing, be sure to visit our FIAT parts department – we carry certified Mopar® and OEM parts to keep your vehicle running throughout the winter.

Be sure to contact or visit our FIAT dealership serving Cincinnati, OH for answers to your service questions. We have everything you need to stay on the road during these harsh winters, along with a stellar collection of FIAT cars for sale, so please see us soon!